The Pence Fly Swatter

The Pence Fly Swatter

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Stuck inside all day cause of COVID? Leaving your doors and windows open a little more than usual to get closer to nature during those Zoom calls? Have flies taken over the house as they did at the infamous Pence-Harris VP debate? Uh yeah, us too.

Don't you worry, the Pence Fly has fled Salt Lake City in search of a new home...yours! Now you, too, can take home a piece of history by getting your hands on The "Pence Fly" swatter

The Pence Fly has landed...on your new fly swatter! Now with The Pence Fly Swatter, you can get rid of all those flies and show them who's really boss in your house.

What are you waiting on? Take home the collectable Pence Fly swatter and protect yourself from the real Pence fly!

Product details:

Traditional design bug swatter features a good size blade and a hole for hanging so it's always available to get those pesky flies. Manufactured with an antimicrobial additive which prevents the growth and spread of bacteria. Neutralizes over 99% of active bacteria - additive doesn’t wear off and remains effective for the life of the product. Antimicrobial additive kills bacteria plus other microorganisms that can cause human illness.