About Us

We started Hillary's Hammers a couple of years ago on a whim. We were discussing how crazy the election had gotten when it got even crazier. We heard about Hillary Clinton's aides smashing FBI evidence (their phones and tablets) with hammers! We started thinking about what kind of hammers they used but could not find anything on the Internet. So we thought to ourselves, wouldn't it be funny if we created novelty hammers that we thought would have been used. And then we launched and waited. We did not have to wait long as a ton of others thought it was pretty darn funny too (or they just wanted a hammer). We then created an entire product line and just like that, Hillary's Hammers was born.

Two years had passed and Hillary didn't go away - we still have some hammers left too :) We wanted to get back in the game, but we didn't want to create JUST hammers and just things one group would like or find funny - we wanted to create something for everyone. So that's why we have renamed ourselves from Hillary's Hammers to Election HQ - your one stop shop for anything Election-related! 

We're eager to show you what we've got. If you have any questions just email me at partnerships@theelectionhq.com.


Election HQ